*Full disclaimer – I have no idea what grows in a climate like Madrid’s in the middle of Fall/Winter so if you’re cringing at this post please leave a comment or contact me somehow, advice would be great 🙂

My balcony has enough room for plants and I’ve been needing something green here in the city so one day I hoped over to the plant store across the street in Mercado de la Cebada. Basil: check, Yerba Buena: check, Thyme: check, Bean seeds: check. Then I bought some pots and started looking at the soil options. The Urban Farm course I took last Spring at university had successfully indoctrinated me with organic and sustainable ag. practices – no piece of land too small nor seed too late for saving and returning to a non-chemically based blahblahblahblahblah. Long story short: none of the bags of dirt I was starting at said “organico” which confused me and the blank stare I got from the woman helping me when I asked about it made me feel (this is not an isolated incident for the record) even more confused. The kind of feeling only a complete idiot from another country gets. Clearly, her furrowed brow said, I didn’t understand how it was done here. I went back to my apartment, plants in tow and got to making my own compost, if even just for something to do and a little taste of home.

One part green chop and food waste, ten parts brown material (brown papers and leaves) add water, cover in plastic wrap because its 35 degrees F here on a good day, and tuck away. I open it from time to time to give it a mix and some more water

We’ll see what I get in March!


My metro card arrived finally! Now I pay 35euros a month instead of 55 … phew


If you know me well you’re probably shocked to find that there are no posts about food, not really even a single mention of what I’ve been eating or where I go to get it. Well that’s about to change – my kitchen is under control now (and by that I mean I have shelves for food, money for food, the washing machine doesn’t back flow into the sink, and our electricity works…no shortage of “charm” in this apartment) and needless to say its been a transition cooking in a new country too!

This right here is my go-to meal, in fact, its quite a popular go-to meal for most Spaniards. Read it, drool, and then go make one!!

How to make a Bocadillo Revuelto

Step one: buy the cheapest white bread baguette you can get your hands on, mine’s from the Chino downstairs

Step two: dice up some chorizo – the spicier the better (and if you can find anything spicier than Palacios extra picante tell me cause I’m dying for some heat in a country where people think black pepper is too much)


Step three: whip those eggs like yo mamma taught you: NO WET MOPS! really get some air into them

Step four: oil your pan…spanish olive oil only of course and don’t be shy. crank up the heat!

Step five: throw in the chorizo a quick second then add the eggs and pull the outer cooked pieces inward until done to your liking. season with salt and pepper


Step six: crack open that baguette and fill with oily-eggy goodness. Enjoy!

Bet you didn’t think an omelet sandwich had that many steps huh?

Some delicious possible additions:


-romesco, red pepper-tomato-almond sauce

-alioli, herbed mayo with lemon juice


-red bell peppers + onions

-fresh or sundried tomato

-avocado and crispy bacon/pancetta en vez de chorizo