Christmas in Madrid

More Christmas in Madrid – shots from around the city



Segovia at night – site of the church where Isabella the Catholic had her coronation and lived in a castle that inspired the one for Beauty and the Beast. Home also to one of Europe’s oldest standing Roman aqueducts that I photographed before the sun went down.

Winter veg

A salad I made the other day with market ingredients: greens, peas, tomato, queso semi-curado (soft manchego) and avocado mandarin vinagrette

A lil winter ruffage never hurts when your diet consists mostly of ham and ham

Metro de Madrid

The metro that I love and hate. I spend somewhere around 10 hours on these trains a week commuting to and from work every day, twice a day. the truth is that its quite an organized, efficient and very well kept public transportation system but, buaf, if I had a euro for every bad karaoke busker I heard or preacher telling me about the light of the world I could probably take a cab!

Oh before I forget – one frightening detail about these metros: when the doors close, they close. Your bags hanging out? Tough. Your hand is stuck? Oh well. People who come to visit me always ask “Don’t they warn you??!” Yep, they do… in Spanish 😉

I was having coffee with Spenser a few weeks ago outside while some musicians played flamenco. All of a sudden a woman got up from her table and started dancing, she was joined not long after by a partner!