Patriota…yeah I hung up a flag. I’m at the point of ex-pat-ohmygodiactuallylivehere homesickness that can only be cured with a longing stare towards the ole red white and blue every time I enter my room. Its a confusing time at Plaza Cebada #10.


Chocolate Milk

Spanish kids have chocolate milk for breakfast (and cookies) so nothing conjures more nostalgia than allegiance to the cocoa brand your mama used to buy. Although I have absolutely no reason to come between this rivalry…well…I have an opinion now: The great Nesquik v Colacao debate is settled: bienvenidos to the richest chocolate milk I’ve ever tasted in my life, the Catalonian brand “Cacaolat”

Canary Islands

Greetings from the moon! Tema and I are in Lanzarote this weekend enjoying the sun and volcanic scenery. Also eating tons of mojo, a local sauce somewhere between green goddess and harissa with thermal grill-cooked chicken.