When its hot: buy a fan


When its hot: Make cucumber melon soup!

Earth Friendly…

One of the reasons I love living in Europe is knowing that for basically the same quality of life I left in the States, I’m cutting my consumption and environmental impact roughly in half. One of the things I hate about living in Europe is the work it requires to satisfy those stupid “quality” things I miss so much. One of them is soft towels and clothes. The typical Spanish family has a mama who manages somehow after working, commuting, cleaning, cooking, organizing everyone’s life, maintaining an incredible level of personal style and figure to wash, air dry and IRON EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, I don’t have a superwoman in-house so finding this laundromat with dryers was the best thing to happen in months. I break the bank every time shelling out 3€ for 12mins but I’m not ashamed to say it’s completely worth it. Sometimes.