What to do in Toledo

This list is inspired by a recent trip I took to the ancient city just south of Madrid, feel free to take the advice, leave it or just live vicariously through it!

1. Wear good shoes for walking up and down cobblestone hills

2. Buy overpriced cookies from nuns, eat them and feel blessed

3. Go to the Cathedral and be overwhelmed with religious history and archetectural phenomenae

4. Have a 2 hour lunch somewhere

5. Buy a sword, you know to open letters or whatever

6. Grab a coffee so you can use the bathroom

7. Channel El Greco and if its not Sunday, actually go to the exhibit thats currently showing on his work

8. Go around the Alcázar to see the city lights (and maybe visit the Alcázar if you are so inclined)

9. Stay the night or come home tired, full and happy

10. Look at your pics!





IMG_7146 IMG_7131



de madrid al cielo

de madrid al cielo