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biscuits, pulled pork and coleslaw

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**Some snapshots from my 4th of July weekend in Virginia with my sister Becca. Barbecue (the kind you really cant get anywhere but there) and blackberry picking!



I’m here in Philly visiting cousins and I have to admit I’m in love. Again. Those same cousins got married just a few years back when I had my first adventures through the City of Brotherly Love. Maybe I’m just homesick or maybe it’s really one of the most beautiful cities east of the Mississippi but Philadelphia is truly a brick-and-mortar darling. In downtown it’s impossible to miss the history and if you do its ideally because you are shoving a salty, doughy, soft pretzel in your face. First stop with Kristen (said cousin, who now has two amazingly behaved kids) was the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Center, where there were way too many other people and it was starting to get hot. I had forgotten how humid the Easy Coast gets, so did my hair. Next stop Benjamin Franklin’s grave and the Quaker Free House – for those of you that don’t know, Philadelphia was the U.S. Capital for a hot second and was, more importantly, a major strategic point during and after the War of Independence. It was hard for me not to feel just a little bit patriotic.

Dawson and I looking at the ships Pretzel man
For lunch we went down to Harbor Park, an ultra cool urban waterfront compete with food trucks, hammocks and giant Legos. Dawson had a blast looking at the ships between bites of chicken and I watched in compete awe as my 6month old cousin learned to hold her own bottle up. I have, officially been in the land of over-babied babies for too long (that’s Spain btw). We scooted home for nap time and Kristen introduced me to new American trashy tv: Alaskan Bush People and Million Dollar Listing. Can’t. Stop. Watching. I meandered down the street to a coffee shop to get my fix of espresso, reminded that coffee shops in the states are now “stumptown cool” and everyone is plugged in at a table. My macchiato set me back $3.50, ouch. On a side note I am having a hard time not spending way too much money here, I am fortunate to make over 1k a month in Spain while my friends/cousins are raking in triple here for similar stuff. Miguel comes to visit in a few weeks (weeehooo!) and my mom has graciously offered house painting work so we can pay for Disneyland tickets. Thank you mom, I will accept your offer.

I’m on my way south to Virginia to celebrate 4th of July with my sister in barbecue territory and then fly west to home sweet home. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. Miguel was asking me yesterday if he would have any need for a button down shirt or tie…let me remind you, dear readers, that I am from the city of roses, the place where young people go to retire, socks and sandals casual, grungy, legal weed, the land of unicycles and brunch obsession. If you look like you’re ready to climb a mountain then you look like a Portlander. If Miguel can do that in a shirt and tie then more power to him but something tells me he has NO idea what he’s in for! Nirvana, that’s what.

Soft pretzel!

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