Bloggers Unite

I got a Sunshine Bloggers Award Nomination from Ashley at Cómo perderse en España. Thanks a mil Ashley, I’m stoked to have my first nomination for a blog award and absolutely love connecting with other bloggers!

For the nomination I need to answer some questions she sent me so here we go:

1. If you had to choose, which would be your favourite of all the the posts you’ve ever written?

Hands down Boquerones! It was fun to make the gif and especially fun to eat the boquerones while I worked on the post.

2.  What’s your favourite season?

Fall in Madrid is spectacular, cold and crisp and the trees are firey red. In Portland the summers are the best.

3.  What’s one blog that you always read?

Is is bad that I don’t actually read many blogs?? I’m green to blogging and I kind of like it that way. I listen to Majestic Casual on youtube while I write and frequently check out Creative Mornings events for inspiration.

4.  What is the most beautiful place, home or away, you’ve ever visited?

Iguazú Falls on the Brazil/Argentina border. Breathtaking.

5.  Do you have a go-to recipe or meal that you always make?

I eat a lot of pasta; I make a quick sauce with whole canned tomatoes, canned tuna, chili flakes and garlic all mixed together and sautéed in a pan while the pasta water boils. I like rigatoni best but penne works too, then finish with grated granna padano on top. I had this last night for dinner!

6.  What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn to do, but have never ever gotten around to learning?

To surf, really well. I want to be a surfer chick.

7.  If you could go back in history and relive a time period, when could it be and where?

The Mayan Civilization, to taste the first hot chocolates see the lush tropical forests.

8.  Do you have a favourite thing about your city or town?

My favorite thing about Spain is the people: they are opinionated, extremely passionate about life and endlessly forgiving.

9.  Is there a post that you’ve been meaning to write, but haven’t yet gotten around to writing it? What’s it about?

I’d love to write/post about street-style, there are some really gusty and cool fashionist@s in Madrid and I’d love to show you all what they wear everyday. Stay tuned 😉

10.  If you could visit any place in the world where would it be?

Today I would love a bagel from the Russian deli by my grandmas apartment in Queens, NY. I can’t remember the name of the place but wow, the bagels are great. In general I would like to go to Peru.

11.  What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever been given?

The Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. Works every time! And also, dance like nobody’s watching!

Thanks Ashley that was fun!



Las Puertas de Toledo

Eusevia in front of her door

Miguel and I had another holiday weekend last week and we needed to get out of town. For whatever reason Toledo sounds nice in the Fall so we decided to do a repeat of last November’s trip and see the little town on a hill one more time. I booked an afternoon at an Arabian bath house: beautifully preserved pools of cold and hot water that have been the Moorish spa tradition since Toledo was ruled by the Islamic empire centuries ago. We relaxed, had a massage and then floated back to our hotel, catching up on some much needed sleep. Toledo is a bit touristic and this weekend it was especially crowded but Miguel and I managed to slip away from the masses of people and wound up meeting a local woman who told us the story of how she came to Toledo. She invited us into her house and let us take a picture of her!

Back in Madrid the apartment is an adventure and figuring out how to live together is a step by step process. A little bit of rest and relaxation never hurts. I’ve got to get back to the kitchen and let my stresses go. Tonight I think I’ll make cookies in my (much loved) oven – stop by if you want one!