Las Puertas de Toledo

Eusevia in front of her door

Miguel and I had another holiday weekend last week and we needed to get out of town. For whatever reason Toledo sounds nice in the Fall so we decided to do a repeat of last November’s trip and see the little town on a hill one more time. I booked an afternoon at an Arabian bath house: beautifully preserved pools of cold and hot water that have been the Moorish spa tradition since Toledo was ruled by the Islamic empire centuries ago. We relaxed, had a massage and then floated back to our hotel, catching up on some much needed sleep. Toledo is a bit touristic and this weekend it was especially crowded but Miguel and I managed to slip away from the masses of people and wound up meeting a local woman who told us the story of how she came to Toledo. She invited us into her house and let us take a picture of her!

Back in Madrid the apartment is an adventure and figuring out how to live together is a step by step process. A little bit of rest and relaxation never hurts. I’ve got to get back to the kitchen and let my stresses go. Tonight I think I’ll make cookies in my (much loved) oven – stop by if you want one!


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