Hello 2017!

A new year always seems like a fresh new start and, in the middle of winter something fresh could not come sooner. I went home for the holidays to Portland and was able to visit with friends and family, reconnect with that Wild Pacific and snowshoe through the cascades. I got some great grub and beer too – particularly amazing was this cask-aged Red Chair IPA from Deschutes Brewery (and the homemade pretzel ring) that I enjoyed with my sister on New Year’s Eve.


So malty and smooth!

I went to the mountain with my good friend Mollee, saw the new Star Wars movie and other than that didn’t venture far from the fireplace. Miguel is in Madrid finishing exams and enjoying his new job, he thinks he might make it for Christmas with my family next year.

Alright the update is over! On the mind these days, dogs. I want one bad but can’t bring myself to stuff a pooch in an apartment that my things and I can barely fit in. Also I’ve decided to join a Bikram Yoga gym in Madrid to get back in shape! I’ve been doing yoga for almost ten years but never had the guts to try hot yoga (for all the obvious reasons, it would be smelly and uncomfortable) then my sister convinced Miguel and I to try it with her while we were visiting her and I was totally hooked! I felt like a rubber band when the class was over. Miguel however I think has vowed to never step foot in a yoga studio ever again. It was, admittedly his first class ever and hot yoga isn’t for everyone. As for me, balancing my schedule this winter with tons of work will prove to be as tough as staying on one foot for tree pose.

Some pictures from the break and fall:


Flat Top Mountain in Washington as we drove down the Columbia Gorge.


A beautiful and freezing moon view over a house near SE Hawthorne in Portland.


Snowshoeing with friends on Mt. Hood in Oregon..I still can’t decide if I should bring my gear to Spain, life without a car is hard on your sense of adventure!


Miguel in Seattle last September after a Mariner’s game.


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