Writer/Content Creator for ParTaste

Spain – United States

Publications: El Imparcial and Rose Garden

logo partaste

Consulting/Content Creation and Ad Work for Taste of America

Madrid, Spain

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.50.33 PM



Print Media Design for Celia Grané at Jet Entertainment

Madrid, Spain

Shawn Mendes Tour Rider design work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.40.52 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.40.35 AM

Translator for CRUSCONTROL

Madrid, Spain

Highly technical quality control manuals for quality assurance assessments in bulk shipments of dry goods products.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.15.07 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.22.33 AM

Print Media, Events Coordination for Students for Global Health

Oregon, United States

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.36.42 AM


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